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Advanced Website Vulnerability Scanner

CyberScanner is a cloud based, advanced website vulnerability scanner designed to empower business owners and non-technical professionals; giving them control over website security and insight into potential vulnerabilities.

Compliant with GDPR regulations coming into effect in May 2018, CyberScanner has been designed and built by security professionals and software engineers to create a clear audit trail for all users.

Protect your assets with CyberScanner

CyberScanner helps protect websites against 10,000 known vulnerabilities by using the latest finger printing technology.

Designed, created, and maintained by security experts and developers, it actively checks a range of code injections, scripts, and databases.

Constantly updated to reflect real world conditions and the latest hacking techniques, CyberScanner is here to protect you and your customers.

Discover your vulnerabilities

Familiarise yourself with bespoke weekly reports highlighting low, medium, and high security issues on your website.

Create an efficient and easy to understand workflow

Using the dashboard, you can create sophisticated workflows and assign tasks to both developers and in-house staff.

Keep up to date with the latest cyber security news

Learn about the latest cyber security news and updates by following our blog or any of our social media accounts.

How does CyberScanner work?

  1. Sign up to CyberScanner

  2. Add and verify the domain you wish us to scan

  3. Begin a scan, which works through thousands of vulnerabilities

  4. Receive custom security report

  5. Assign tasks to developers and in-house staff

  6. Eliminate security issues



CyberScanner scans your entire website and identifies any potential security issues or vulnerabilities.



Any potential security issues are presented in a report outlining anything that could result in a security breach.



Audits can be passed to your developer or development team to resolve ongoing security vulnerabilities, creating an ongoing audit trail.

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See what CyberScanner is capable of -- give your business peace of mind online from now on!

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  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Advanced security audits
  • Weekly updates
  • 3 Years' history
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