CyberScanner is a state of the art web application scanner with an integrated project management system to allow businesses of any size to manage their web security. CyberScanner's processes can be broken down into three steps:



CyberScanner scans your entire website and identifies any potential security issues or vulnerabilities.



Any potential security issues are presented in a report outlining anything that could result in a security breach.



Audits can be passed to your developer or development team to resolve ongoing security vulnerabilities, creating an ongoing audit trail.

Our leading engine

Our intelligent engine has you covered
Unlike most vulnerability scanners, our multi-stage scanner engine has an integrated real browser environment based on Google’s Chromium engine. Our engine is capable of supporting the latest technology, allowing us to easily support the latest frameworks, such as AngularJS and ReactJS — enabling us to monitor the latest web applications.

What is covered

Multi staged engine to cover all platforms
Our multi-stage scanner natively supports popular platforms, and when native scanning is not available, due to our complex integrated real browser, we can cover almost all applications, so that we can inspect all possible pages, elements, and their states.

Always up to date
Checking your websites

Our web application scanner is one of most comprehensive web security auditing software out there, covering both active and passive issues without you having to interfere.

Active checks

Our web application scanner is one of most comprehensive web security platforms currently online, covering both active and passive issues without stakeholder involvement.

DBs covered

  • check MySQL
  • check PostgreSQL
  • check MongoDB
  • check MS Access
  • check MSSQL
  • check Oracle
  • check DB2
  • check EMC
  • check Firebird
  • check Frontbase
  • check HSQLDB
  • check Informix
  • check Ingres
  • check InterBase
  • check SaP Max DB
  • check SQLite
  • check Sybase

Code Injection

  • check ASP
  • check Java
  • check Ruby
  • check PHP
  • check Python


  • check Path
  • check Events in HTML elements
  • check HTML Tags
  • check Scripts
  • check DOM
  • check DOM Script context

and more including CSRF detection, Path Injection & Source code disclosure...

There is more with our passive scanner

Covering over 10,000 known vulnerabilities
Using the latest finger printing technology, our passive scanners cover over 10,000 known vulnerabilities and a range of platforms to speed up issue detection.

Platform based

  • 10,000+ known vulnerabilities
  • check Wordpress core
  • check Wordpress plugins
  • check Joomla
  • check Drupal
  • check Magento

Other scans

  • check Backup file detection
  • check Backup directory detection
  • check Non-secure password form detection
  • check Backdoor detection
  • check .htaccess misconfiguration
  • check Directory listing
  • check Insecure cookies
  • check Insecure CORS policy
  • check Missing X-Frame-Options
  • check Missing Strict-Transport-Security (HSTS)

Smart project management

We understand the needs of businesses
What is the point of having a great cyber security platform if you cannot understand or easily manage its output? We have made it simple for both business leaders and developers.

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