With increased media attention and public awareness around cyber security, data breaches and website hacks, it’s important that businesses are proactive in securing their websites and servers.

With new GDPR regulations coming into force and potential fines reaching the millions, choosing a cyber security product isn’t a decision that can be taken lightly.

How CyberScanner can help you

CyberScanner actively monitors against an ever expanding database of more than 100,000 known website vulnerabilities and hackable exploits.

Help to avoid fines by creating an ongoing, automated audit trail and process for your website security.

Gain credibility and avoid negative press by ensuring only you can access your customers’ data.

Actively check for known security issues affecting your database, and website.

CyberScanner is an affordable cyber security monitoring solution that falls into every business budget.

Simplified reporting

Through an intuitive user dashboard and simplified reporting processes, CyberScanner puts you in control of your website security, allowing you to diagnose and understand where your website is vulnerable in layman’s terms.

✓ Understand your website’s vulnerabilities and their severity at a glance

✓ Assign issues to your developers and monitor issue statuses

✓ Verify that the issues have been resolved through the routine scans

How to choose the cyber security product that’s right for you

Whether you’re an SME securing your business, or a CISO looking to add your to company’s cyber security portfolio it’s important that you choose the right product.

Determine needs

Look beyond your perimeter and identify your business’s most valuable digital assets, this can be stored data such as customer detailers, or website elements such as payment forms. Once you’ve identified these you can determine the types of cyber attack that are most likely.

Allocate spend according to risk

Taking into account the impact of a data breach or website hack (especially given the new GDPR fines), it’s important to allocate a suitable budget to mitigate the potential risks. This is why we’ve built CyberScanner to be very affordable.

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